In June we took on the challenge to become a Sepsis Savvy organisation - I'm really pleased to announce we've done it!

As part of this journey we, as a firm of 300+ people, have learnt about sepsis, how to recognise the signs and what to do. The idea being that in the future we could all save lives.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that can arise from any infection. In the UK alone, sepsis claims the lives of around 48,000 every year – that’s more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. Sepsis can affect anyone of any age but it’s often treatable if caught quickly.

In sharing the Sepsis Savvy video across the firm I've learnt how sepsis has touched the lives of my colleagues, in ways I didn't know about before. It's a common condition, affecting about 245,000 people in the UK every year. You probably know someone whose life has been affected by sepsis in some way already. I know lots of my clients have been affected by sepsis but I wasn't aware of colleagues and friends until we started this journey. John's story is just one example.

As a supported and legal partner of the UK Sepsis Trust, I would encourage everyone to become Sepsis Savvy too. It's very easy to do and the benefits could be far-reaching.