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| 1 minute read

Regulatory round-up: Care and housing prosecutions update 2023

We have just published our most recent prosecutions update which comments on some of the regulatory trends we have been seeing over the last six months in relation to CQC and HSE prosecutions.  

Some of the key messages we have identified for providers are as follows:

  • There has been an uptick in the CQC using its enforcement powers to hold individuals to account instead of or in addition to the provider itself. In one case, a registered manager was fined £55,000 in relation to two offences of failing to provide safe care and treatment.
  • The CQC continue to focus on fire safety, especially in relation to the use of emollient skin creams. This has included both enforcement action and criticism in inspection reports.
  • HSE brought prosecutions in two similar cases relating to the risks around trees where the relevant organisations failed to adequately manage those risks.
  • HSE has prosecuted several organisations where there has been a lack of action in response to enforcement action.

Understanding regulators’ priorities can help providers to focus improvements and address any issues before inspections and potential enforcement action can take place. For more information, please see our latest ebriefing.


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