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| 1 minute read

‘If not you, then who?’ The role of the HR function in ESG performance

I wrote a blog published in Social Housing Magazine on Friday that includes some reflections arising from an interview that I did during an Anthony Collins in-house round table for the social housing sector with Nottingham Community Housing Association's (NCHA) Assistant Director of People, Spencer Welby

The blog focuses on the role that HR has to play in leading a registered provider's environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, how that overlaps with finance and is one of the ways that can make an organisation more attractive to funders and investors.

The blog highlights:

  • the critical role your HR function has to play in your organisation's ESG performance; 
  • the positive impact for NCHA that ESG and sustainability management being HR led and sitting away from property services has had, lessons learned and NCHA's notable achievements in this area;
  • examples of both environmental and social metrics and how setting and meeting targets relating to them can achieve a discount on a loan margin; and
  • the importance of your organisation's culture to attract, engage, retain and drive sustainable change in a sector where financial incentives are not available to win hearts and minds.
“If HR is about setting the cultural tone, and ESG (when used properly) is part of this, then why shouldn’t it be HR led? It’s essentially about the business impact on people and planet – if not us then who?”


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