Inevitably the turmoil of the last two months has delayed many things, among them the opening up of Wave 2 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund to bids. But, a few weeks later than anticipated, we now have the announcement confirming that Wave 2.1 is open for applications

Those intending to apply should pay attention to the updated Q&As on the website, alongside the now final forms of various documents (including the grant agreement).  

But don't be fooled - you can't actually submit your application yet (just get it ready). We will all need to keep an eye out for further announcements confirming when applications can be submitted, but this will be at least 5 days before the current closing date of 18 November.  

While applicants are completing their applications, it is prudent also to get to grips with the legal documents involved and your route(s) to market, if you haven't already. You will want to be thinking about:

  • pre-market engagement with the supply chain
  • procurement routes, including frameworks 
  • the terms and conditions for the grants and mitigating any risks that these represent
  • the data sharing arrangements that will need to be put in place, particularly where any tenanted (rather than vacant) properties are being retrofitted
  • the application of subsidy control rules to the receipt of grant funding, and its use 

And it is also worth a reminder that, for all this is Wave '2.1', the expectation is that as much as possible of the Wave 2 funding will be allocated in this round. And so now is definitely the time to submit an application, as you cannot rely on there being a substantive Wave 2.2.