Let's be honest, we would like to think we're past gender bias (and other bias) but we're not there yet. 

To mark International Women's Day, we've produced a podcast that shares candid experiences of gender bias in the legal profession, education and personal life.

I was surprised to read IWD's statistic that fewer than half of employees say they've spoken out against biased behaviour but then when I took part in this podcast and heard people's lived experiences of bias I realised many of us are unwittingly in that group.  

So today - International Women's Day - gives us the impetuous to #BreakTheBias by starting the conversation.

When you next speak to a colleague today, just ask - have they seen or experienced gender bias? Maybe something like the examples we discuss in the podcast: careers advice at school; re-thinking what to wear to work; a professional directing all the questions to the boyfriend; or being patronised as a "little girl".

There are some great resources and ideas for how to #BreakTheBias in the workplace on the IWD website.