In 2020 Cardiff Business School, in partnership with The Law Society, undertook a project looking at the experience of disabled people in the legal profession in England and Wales. Their report Legally Disabled? is a touch-stone document for the profession two years on.

One recommendation sums it all up:

"We recommend that employers trust and listen to disabled people and exercise the same imagination that most disabled people employ in their everyday lives. Being disabled does not mean that an employee is less intelligent, committed, or productive. It often means they have travelled further to get where they are through determination, ambition, tenacity and problem solving skills that are well suited to a successful career in the legal profession."

At Anthony Collins Solicitors we've been involving people with disabilities in a range of initiatives and projects, including the disability group within our larger equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) group. We decided that we wanted to raise awareness of disabilities in the firm, both seen and unseen, and give an insight into living with a disability. This has included podcasts with colleagues talking about their disabilities. I'd recommend listening to one or all of them if you have a chance. They give an insight into how disability affects many people's careers and what they do to overcome issues. Here's one to get you started - Hidden disability awareness: Diabetes