Great strides are being made with the implementation of the Domestic Abuse Act, such as: 

  • Domestic abuse being defined in legislation for the first time; 
  • Creating the role of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner; 
  • Children being recognised as victims if exposed to domestic abuse; 
  • Duties imposed on authorities to assess needs and provide safe accommodation to survivors and their children; and
  • New offence of non-fatal strangulation. 

There appears to be a shift away from these matters being viewed as primarily a family law issue, and offences to be more easily perused via the criminal legal system, through the use of Domestic Abuse Protection Orders and notices.

Whilst some criticism can still be raised, in respect of some deficiencies within the Act, I for one am concentrating on the positive steps being taken to help survivors of domestic abuse find the justice and assistance they so rightly deserve.