In the Queen's Speech yesterday the Government announced, not one, but two bills that will bring long-awaited and very welcome reforms to the sector. 

The first is the Dormant Assets Bill which will apparently unlock an additional £880 million from unclaimed financial assets for social and environmental initiatives across the UK. The second is the Charities Bill which will bring into force changes to troublesome technical points of charity law which are particularly incongruous and difficult for trustees to navigate (for a summary of the key changes proposed, take a look at our ebriefing series which can be found here). 

Given that the Government had previously been so vague about when it was likely to legislate on these issues, and indeed had only responded in March this year to the recommendations made by the Law Commission in 2017, I am sure the sector will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the Government now at least intends to make the changes a legislative priority.