On 17 March, the Government announced its Industrial Decarbonisation strategy which will see £1 billion pounds invested in a programme to cut emissions from industry, schools and hospitals.

Greater Manchester will receive £78,236,986 to decarbonise 15 bodies of the Greater Manchester public estate, including Transport for Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Greater Manchester Police, the Royal Northern College of Music, 36 schools and 22 leisure centres. 

The buildings will receive green upgrades, including new air source heat pumps, solar panels to generate and create their own electricity and new lighting systems.

This forms part of the strategy which looks to achieve net zero in the UK by 2050 - a date many climate scientists state is too late if we are to avoid irreversible trigger points occurring.

Whilst the Government states in support of this new scheme, "Taking action now is vital to futureproof industries and jobs across the UK”, action is more vital for the continued existence of our planet and the species within it, and that we have a need for decarbonisation prior to 2050 cannot be emphasised enough.

It is great to see many of our clients engaging with us to help them achieve faster action now, and we look forward to working with clients who want to exceed the government's date of 2050.