We see first hand the upset caused by our clients' loved ones being unable to visit them in their care homes. Many of our clients, due to suffering with Dementia or other cognitive impairments, are unable to understand why their loved ones can not visit and become frustrated. This makes life for the care home staff incredibly hard. A weekly visit from a loved one may be the highlight of our client's week and to see that taken away has been difficult, especially for the residents. 

There is a new Pilot being trialled in England which classifies loved ones as "key workers" allowing for more frequent Coronavirus testing and visits to care homes. This is vital for care home residents and I hope this Pilot is implemented as quickly as possible. 

For our clients who do have family and friends, we, as the professionals managing their property and finances or providing representation in relation to welfare proceedings, rely on family and friends to check in on our clients to ensure that they have everything that they need. Although we are in constant correspondence with the care homes, it is beneficial to have this extra check. Sometimes loved ones can provide a different perspective and be a voice for a vulnerable client who does not have capacity. 

We have, along with loved ones, attempted to use video calling and phone calls where appropriate but there is nothing quite the same as sitting face to face with a client. We miss it dearly! I am very pleased that the Government is recognising the importance of care homes residents being able to spend time with loved ones, but hope that this Pilot delivers on everything that it has promised. 

If you have any questions in relation to the mental capacity of a loved one, please do get in touch.