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The (sort of) Olympic Games for the Child Brain Injury Trust

Ok, so this games day was about as far away from the Olympics as you can get (I took part in the egg and spoon race!) but it was a brilliant day coming together to raise money for the Child Brain Injury Trust.

We were privileged to take part in the event, with a large group of like-minded professionals who all gave up their time and energy in support of the CBIT charity. 

We've been working very closely with the CBIT for over 15 years now, going back to Rankey Batta's first meeting with Lisa Turan (CEO of CBIT) in its very early stages. As a firm, we've supported countless children who have sustained brain injuries as a result of road traffic collisions, medical negligence and other traumatic events.

When a child acquires a brain injury it can have a devastating effect on the family. Every year thousands of families are left without any support and often feel alone with nowhere to turn to. CBIT supports families and professionals working with children and young people who find themselves in need of information about what’s happened and how to cope. The charity works with individual children and also in hospitals, schools and in the community.

Whilst the games day was enormous fun, it was also enormously important. It was a way of raising awareness about their work and fundraising to keep the support going for every child who needs them. 

If you want to find out more about how the Child Brain Injury Trust could help you, your family or a child you support, have a look here.

You can read more here about how Anthony Collins partners with CBIT as part of their national Legal Support Service here.

Just one example of the many clients we have helped after an acquired brain injury is here and you'll find more case studies on our website. 

P.S. I will be training for the egg and spoon race for the next 12 months until the next CBIT games!

CBIT and its purpose mirrors our ethos as a social purpose law firm in many ways – making a positive impact for individuals, communities and society through our joint work


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