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Birth Trauma Inquiry

The All Party Parliamentary Group on birth trauma published the findings of its inquiry yesterday. 

It makes for extremely difficult reading of 1300 stories of traumatic births and unfortunately echoes my own personal experience.  I found myself in an emergency situation in the labour ward in the early hours of the morning, my concerns were dismissed until a young midwife thankfully made the call for an obstetrician which led to a category 1 emergency caesarean section. 

That rush to the operating theatre was truly the most terrifying moment of my life. I have regular flashbacks of that night still seven years on but I am ever thankful to that young midwife for standing against her colleagues and making that call.  

My experience thereafter again lines up with the inquiry findings. When I asked for an explanation at a later date I was simply told “It doesn’t matter your baby is here safe”. The trauma of that night was never acknowledged or the events fully explained. 

At the six-week review appointment, I remember walking in and the doctor reading my notes laughed and said “Well that sounds like an eventful night!” 

Despite three investigations into maternity care with a fourth underway, stories like mine and the 1300 families who took part in the inquiry are still happening.  

I consider myself one of the lucky ones that the call was made in time and no long-term physical injuries were caused to me or my son. However, I am instructed by many families who haven’t been so lucky.  The inquiry highlights the highest rate of litigation in clinical practice is for childbirth injuries, with the cost to the NHS of care then required for both women and their babies immeasurable.

The inquiry sets out a number of recommendations to improve maternity care. I truly hope this leads to such steps being taken to improve maternity services across the UK. 

If you have any concerns about the maternity care that you or a loved one were provided with, please contact Victoria Fullilove - 0121 212 7477.


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