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Who watches the watchdog?

A recent BBC article has highlighted an instance where hospital consultants have raised concerns about patient safety, overcrowding and the potential impact on patient care and may not have been listened to.

Although this case relates to NHS Scotland and therefore is not reflective of NHS England's conduct, many patients or their loved ones may have some sympathy with these doctors. It is not uncommon for those who have suffered injuries as a result of medical negligence to say that they did not feel that their concerns were listened to by staff, either resulting in their condition getting worse or sustaining a potentially avoidable injury.

In this instance, the doctors at the hospital flagged that whilst 29 consultants wrote to the watchdog to raise concerns, the watchdog had instead sought assurance on these issues from hospital managers rather than those on the frontline. 

Medical staff may have advised that mistakes were made but patients may be understandably disappointed to receive a letter from the chief executive that apologises for the outcome but disputes what people were told.

Whilst we do not know whether similar cases have occurred in England and Wales, this reported outcome is potentially concerning for patients. 

An NHS watchdog has apologised to 29 doctors at Scotland's biggest hospital for not fully investigating their concerns about patient safety.


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