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The risks of not considering digital assets before you die

New research has revealed that fewer than a quarter of people aged 30 or over have referenced digital assets in their will.  

Research from the Association of Lifetime Lawyers shows that while 86% of UK adults over 30 have digital assets, just 20% have referenced them in their will.

Digital assets are anything a person owns that exists in a digital format, rather than a physical one. This includes online banking, cryptocurrencies, social media accounts, email accounts and online storage. 

By making reference in your will, you can help minimise distress for loved ones after your death and ensure that they can access your important online accounts.

It's also a good idea to keep a log of your accounts, by making a secure list with login details and passwords and keep this up to date (and preferably stored with your will).  

If you need some help as to where to get started with writing your will, here are some tips to consider:


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