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The use of one lawyer when separating - an interesting perspective

A colleague recently sent me this article on the use of one lawyer when separating. As a solicitor authorised to represent both parties for a divorce, it's interesting to read the perspective of someone who has gone through the whole process using such a way of working. 

Whilst you can sense the sadness in the article, it definitely highlights the benefits of the one-lawyer approach - swapping what could be an acrimonious, (costly) and adversarial court battle with an admittedly cold and dispiriting, but much less painful (and cost-effective) approach. 

I particularly note the aspiration by the author that notwithstanding the divorce that she and her ex-husband can remain 'friends'. Whilst this is not always possible, I think the aspiration, where there are children in the family is a positive one. If the one-lawyer approach can help this, it certainly shows, as Resolution (the membership organisation for family lawyers) like to say, there certainly is ‘a better way’!


"Using one lawyer for both of us helped remove the mud slinging"


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