The Charity Commission has issued a public statement on the invasion of Ukraine and its implications for the charities it regulates. 

The Commission reminds the public to give responsibly to established registered charities with experience in delivering humanitarian aid.

It recommends charity trustees to review its guidance on working in high-risk areas and managing risks generally when working internationally.

It also joins the Fundraising Regulator in warning charities to be careful about where they accept donations from, highlighting the importance of their ‘Know Your Donor’ guidance which helps charities to identify where donations come from and what to consider when debating whether to accept them (particularly where there may be reputational issues in doing so). 

The Commission notes it is aware that there will be other implications for charities, both short and long term, that they cannot yet predict but has said that it “will remain alive to the issues and risks facing charities, and we encourage charities to do likewise” and so we anticipate that further guidance will be issued as the situation in Ukraine develops.