The last few days I've been listening to podcasts by my colleagues about how disabilities and illnesses affect them. I have to admit I wouldn't have guessed so many of my colleagues had a disability. It just goes to show how common it is.  

There are podcasts about MS, diabetes and epilepsy here.

What's been particularly interesting is hearing colleagues with the same condition talking together in the podcast and hearing how they've supported each other. For example, sharing nutrition and diet tips to manage MS symptoms. Another lovely example was being to ask each other "have you had...?" about new symptoms which they're not sure about.    

It's also been great to hear how ACS colleagues have helped, for example, sending emails listing tasks rather than verbally asking for things to be done. This might seem a small adjustment but the benefit can be enormous if someone is experiencing memory issues.

In Disability History Month, now is the perfect time to open up a conversation with your colleagues about disability and hidden illnesses.

So, what do you want to talk about?