International Men's Day was founded in 1999 to focus on male health (both adult and child), to improve gender equality and to highlight positive role models. Many people will wonder why men need a special day, given the privilege that often comes with being male. There are, however, well-known issues around physical and mental health that exclusively or disproportionately affect men that benefit from being highlighted.

There are numerous ways that we could choose to mark International Men's Day, at Anthony Collins Solicitors we have a few ways that we are marking the day.

  • You could choose to donate to a charity that supports men's health. David Alcock, one of our partners, is participating in Movember this year in aid of men's physical and mental health. If you wanted to make a donation to a charity, there is a list of UK based charities here.
  • Our senior partner is interviewing another of our partners to mark the occasion and we'll be publishing this around the firm.
  • We are developing an MS Teams and Zoom background for colleagues to use on the day.

There are a host of different ideas on what you could do to celebrate the day, you can find these here.

This year the topic is ‘Better relations between men and women'. Any opportunity to foster this message, improve relations and reduce discrimination and inequality should be seized upon in my view. So, let's see if we men can spend some time mindfully considering how we are going to achieve this goal.

If nothing else, the day is another reminder of Richard Herring's polite campaign to remind people on Twitter of the date of International Men's Day, when they are unaware of its existence and feel umbrage at their perception of the inequality and discrimination of International Women's Day.