HeartEdge has an exciting and unusual vision that Dave Nicholson, HeartEdge's new Commercial Development Co-ordinator, sets out in his latest article. He points us to Andrew McLeod's challenge to the contemporary church “…to shift from the soup kitchen mentality to becoming a birthing centre for cooperative enterprises that empower those who are struggling”. 

Nicholson talks about developing commercial social enterprises and co-operatives to provide new income streams to finance the church’s mission, particularly their social mission, whilst expanding that mission through commercial activities. Is this part of the post-pandemic new church world? Can Christians change the communities we live in by daring to get involved in commercial activities and demonstrating the biblical principles at the heart of the cooperative movement? Exciting times - especially seeking to mix commerce and charities - enough to make this charity governance lawyer lose sleep and yet be inspired at the same time! As part of our social purpose at the heart of all Anthony Collins Solicitors do, we seek to develop and work alongside both charities and the co-operative movement, the latter led by David Alcock - and we think we are in exciting times!