Today is Earth Overshoot Day - a stark and sobering reminder of just how much we overconsume.

The day marks the point in each calendar year when demand for resources exceeds what our planet can produce in that year. We're less than two-thirds of the way through the year and yet the Earth has already given everything she has - after this, we're mortgaging the future.  

Earth Overshoot Day moves each year, and so with this stark warning comes also an empowering message: can we #movethedate? Can we push back that date every year, year on year, until finally, we get to a point where we are no longer mortgaging the future, but paying our debts? I believe we can.  

I'm inspired by the 100 days of possibility that the Global Footprint Network are leading on, between today and COP 26 in Glasgow, to focus on what we can do to address this most vital of questions, and so I'll be looking at what I can do - personally and professionally - to #movethedate.