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When there's a wedding, there needs to be a Will!

As lockdown continues to ease, one of the big changes will be to the rules around weddings. With more people able to attend, rescheduled dates will hopefully be able to go ahead and the delayed nuptials of many couples will be able to be organised or rescheduled - including that of the Prime Minister himself.

With children from previous relationships as well as with his fiancée, a very young child for whom the appointment of a guardian will be important, a Will is vitally important for Boris and Carrie - and indeed any getting married.

With weddings having been largely absent from the social calendar for such a long period of time due to the pandemic, it might have slipped couples' minds that marriage revokes existing Wills unless they are specifically prepared 'in contemplation of marriage'.

So whilst the 'to do list' for those due to be married might already be a long one, especially if the wedding date is being rearranged for the third or fourth time (!), the importance of ensuring that the happy couple have their Wills in place that reflect their needs and wishes and won't be adversely affected by marriage, should be a priority not to be forgotten!

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ 2022 wedding The PM and his fiancée will reportedly celebrate their marriage next July, with the Chiltern hills and a safari park in Kent tipped as possible venues.


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