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New Code of Governance for community-led housing

We are really pleased to have been involved in reviewing the new Code of Governance for community-led housing, published today by our friends at the Confederation for Coop Housing. Governance is so important to get right, to give the assurance that communities, funders and (importantly) the Regulator of Social Housing need.

As the code itself explains, good governance is about defining and reviewing:

• what an organisation is; what is it there to achieve? what is its mission? what are its vision and values?

• the structures, standards, policies, strategies and financial and other arrangements which will result in the organisation achieving its aims;

• the risks that might prevent the organisation from achieving its aims.

Good governance makes good business sense. It is about organisational vision, mission, clarity of purpose, control and effectiveness. The new code should really help community-led housing organisations achieve those things, and we are delighted to have been able to contribute. Well done Nic, Blase and colleagues!

A Code of Governance sets out a framework to enable an organisation to govern itself well. 


governance, co-operatives and mutuals, asset transfer, community led housing