The majority of organisations want to become more ethical, but what does it actually mean to be an ethical business? What steps should organisations take to be ethical employers? And where do employers start on their journeys to becoming more ethical?

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter has addressed all of these questions in their recent blog post and webinar which, I am pleased to say, also features my colleague from the Employment and Pensions Team, Alice Kinder.

One of the findings that came out of our Ethical Business Project was that 38% of the surveyed organisations said improving ethnic diversity within the workplace was one of their main ethical areas for improvement. But is diversity alone enough? As the blog rightly says, going further, championing inclusion and assessing people from all backgrounds feel at work is vital.

A common method organisations use to promote change is to appeal to those who are most against it. However, engaging with those most willing to champion change and promote positive ethical practices is far more effective.

Lasting change is a long-term commitment, but it is a commitment worth making.

Please do give the webinar a listen.