The UK has committed to net-zero greenhouse gasses by 2050 and one of the biggest challenges facing housing providers going forward is how to decarbonise housing stock in order to achieve this target. Homes account for nearly a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions and for the country to be carbon neutral by 2050 the decarbonisation of homes is critical. The summit (organised by Inside Housing) has seen very interesting discussions around how to decarbonise housing stock and there have been engaging discussions on subjects such as funding, technology and collaboration. There have been further considerations around the challenges and potential solutions including the use of increased and better insultation, heat networks, renewable energy generation/low carbon energy sources and battery storage along with discussions on how to upskill the existing industry in order to design and fit these projects.

These decarbonisation challenges come at a time where there are already significant pulls on the sector's resources; one of these being building safety.

In relation to this, to assist social housing providers prepare for the key reforms within the Bill, building safety experts at Anthony Collins Solicitors, have created the Building Safety Bill Preparedness Workbook. The Workbook contains an analysis of five key areas of reform and draws on expertise from across six different practice areas.

If you wish to know more about the Workbook or have concerns over building safety issues, please contact Kieran Binnie or Lorna Kenyon. In addition, our specialist housing, construction and regulatory teams are able to assist with advising in relation to your retrofit and decarbonisation projects. This may, for example, be from the perspective of regulatory compliance, compliance with energy legislation, funding, governance or contract drafting.