I've always left the house with the mantra 'purse, phone keys' and more recently, added 'mask and sanitiser' to the checklist to make sure I have all I need when leaving home. So for me personally, the thought of making payment transactions by face recognition sounds great, less in my handbag. Perhaps one day, I might even be able to give up the bag - I know my shoulders will thank me!

However, for many of my clients, the thought of a cashless society is a difficult one to contemplate. For those with physical disabilities -

  • Will the technology be accessible where they go? 
  • Will potential involuntary muscle contractures at an inopportune moment mean they are unable to pay? 
  • How will carer support be facilitated?

And on a wider scale, how can inappropriate pressure, exploitation and threats be policed? With cash, there is a process, an ATM or bank to attend, a delay built in - but with facial recognition to make a payment, the transaction should be instant.

I'm all for progress - and a lighter, smaller handbag! But thinking about inclusion, ease of access but sufficient safeguards and protections for all, will need to play a key role as we continue to move forwards in an increasingly cash-lite world.