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Looking forward to 2021 - Social business

2020 was a year with some encouragements amongst the enormous challenges and gives us some signs of hope going into 2021.

Whilst the pandemic disrupted our normal ways of working, it also upset some long-held assumptions about what it means to grow and maintain a successful business. We very quickly started to see how Board-level decisions have a direct impact on our friends, family and communities. Meanwhile, the issues related to Brexit, Black Lives Matter and the exodus of the town centre could not be ignored. What we need now is the courage to face some hard truths and the willingness to apply some fresh thinking.

A group of experts across the firm have gazed into their crystal ball and given us a view on how 2021 is looking in housing, charities, social care, local government, and social business. Click here to find out more.

"We go into 2021 with all the knowledge that we have learnt and the experiences we have gained."


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