The #CAF report on the Charity Landscape 2020 highlights a key lesson that all of us working with and for charities must learn from the current crisis - the unfortunate likelihood of further crises in the future and how vital it is that charities understand what makes for resilience. 

One key element of this resilience is financial sustainability and the need to look at the longer-term impact of the crisis on finances. Charities have been amazing at meeting the huge demands put on them with 85% of the charity leaders surveyed saying that they know charities are expected to fill the gaps left by Government. But this has stretched resources with the demand only likely to increase in 2021. Also, in other cases charities (especially in the Arts) have had to slash what they do and look to use their creative spaces for income generation - Nightingale courts and hospitals - helpful but also incredibly sad at the same time.

The message is clear - a focus on resilience, and then some!