The Government has published a further Procurement Policy Note (PPN 10/20) on public procurement after the transition. The PPN itself does not add a huge amount but the FAQs have been added to since the last PPN.

There is confirmation that the thresholds are going to stay the same and will not be reviewed until January 2022.

In discussing how authorities should approach abnormally low tenders, there are some confirmations around State aid (don't get your hopes up, no detail yet) but nothing that we did not already know:

"...from the end of the TP...the UK will no longer be subject to the EU's State aid regime, and will not be required to report instances to the EU Commission. The UK will have its own subsidy framework...

Further detailed guidance will be provided on State aid and the UK subsidy  framework..."

Less than a month before the end of the transition, we have little idea about how State aid should be approach on 1 January. As we enter the last-ditch negotiations this weekend with the EU...maybe Monday will bring some answers. I am not holding out much hope.