The social care sector has suffered hugely over the last 8 months as a result of the pandemic. However, due to the passion and resilience of its people, many in the sector have managed to get past the initial shock of Covid-19. Now there is another threat on the horizon.

The new rules around migration to the UK that come in to force in January have the potential to threaten the job security of the very people who've served the sector so well during the pandemic.

In a report in the Financial Times, that comments on the report of the Institute for Public Policy Research, there is a warning that four-fifths of those EU workers that are employed in social care may not qualify under the new system.

Regardless of Brexit or the pandemic, finding good quality staff that are skilled and dedicated has always been one of the central issues facing the social care sector. The pandemic along with the new Brexit migration rules threaten to detail the sector that has fought so hard in recent months. The Government must therefore act quickly or risk facing a further crisis that it won't be able to solve.