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B part of a movement for change

I was at a conference last week where I heard an African proverb which has stuck with me - ‘If you want to run fast, run alone; if you want to run far, run together’.  

The wisdom in this proverb is highly relevant to the B-Corp movement we are part of at Anthony Collins which has built this principle deep into the movement. The aim of developing a network of local, regional, and global communities for change recognises that it is organisations collectively working to improve society which is the best hope of achieving a better world.  

Whilst we are only a small part of that movement it is exciting for us at Anthony Collins to think about how we can ‘run far together’ with other B-Corps seeking to make a difference and think about what might be achieved.  

Having a community of other organisations all striving to create a more equitable world ensures we have ideas, we are challenged and have targets which help drive us to increase our social and environmental impact and play our part in building a better world.  

This B-Corp month we have been encouraged through some healthy internal competition to try more B-Corp products and it has been great to see just how much the movement has grown in the past few years.  There are more and more businesses recognising that we all have a responsibility to build a better world and that when we run together we can achieve far more.  

We had a B-Corp coffee morning yesterday building more understanding of the B-Corp movement and people shared some of what it means to them - 

  • A better future for all
  • Social justice
  • Sustainability
  • An ethical way to do business 

So what does this mean for you, the choices you make about what you buy, where you work and how you do business?  

I hope the B-Corp movement will inspire you to be part of a movement for change.


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