As a result of Brexit, we have lost right to use VAT-exclusive values in the public procurement rules. The Government has finally passed a statutory instrument to deal with this. It increases the value thresholds for advertising contracts on Contracts Finder back to where they were pre-Brexit, by adding that VAT amount back into the contract values. 

The threshold for a local authority or registered provider of social housing to advertise a contract in advance in Contracts Finder where it is advertised anywhere else (i.e. not if it is let through a closed tender list) is now £30k including VAT. This is also the value threshold for contracts to be included in the quarterly return to Contracts Finder of all contracts let in each quarter. 

The Government has also updated its transparency guidance in PPN 1/23. However, our past ebriefing about the misleading nature of the previous version of this guidance still applies to this updated version.