The county court has ruled that a smart doorbell, that collects audio and video recordings was in breach of data protection laws in England and Wales. The Ring doorbell and security camera system, produced by Amazon, stored audio and video footage of a neighbouring property. Whilst the video footage feels like more of an invasion of privacy, the court were more concerned with the collection of audio, finding that the audio could be collecting personal information about neighbours without them knowing about it. 

Collecting personal data without the proper consents or exemptions is in breach of the Data Protection Act 2018, which brought into force GDPR. This case highlights how English privacy rules are patchy, and parties must look at a broad range of actions when attempting to protect their privacy. 

Whilst the matter was heard in the county court and therefore not precedent, it is assumed that other similar actions will follow. Especially after the court awarded £100,000 in damages - a phenomenal sum for a domestic dispute.