Regular readers will know that we like to throw as much as we can at the Child Brain Injury Trust's GloWeek campaign every year. We like to try and raise as much awareness as possible for the campaign and try and raise some money for the charity at the same time. This year is no exception!!

The main message of the campaign is to 'Be seen and not hurt', as the nights draw in every year road safety becomes more and more of a concern. 

As part of the ACS activities this year we are trying to draw together the themes of Halloween and to celebrate the charity's 30th birthday. #HallowThirty anyone? There are going to be some 30-minute masterclasses, guess the weight and time of birth of our 30-year-old team members, a birthday card competition, the obligatory ACS cake and samosa sales and much much more.

Ann Houghton and I have also been signed up to captain a running and cycling team respectively. The runners aim to do a 30-mile relay run and the cycling will be focussed around 300km being covered by two of the team (Harinder Baba and I) across the week, with some special guest appearances from colleagues around the firm too!

If you want to get involved in any of the activities please get in touch. If you would be so kind as to make a donation to the Child Brain Injury Trust, that would be really appreciated.