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ASB Awareness Week 2021

It's ASB (antisocial behaviour) Awareness Week and we are proud to be an associate member working with Resolve

There are some really powerful statistics in their report, Taking back Communities, including;

  • 43% of victims of ASB say it has impacted their mental health
  • 56% of victims of ASB don't report it
  • 31% of 18 to 24-year-olds say they witness ASB on public transport; and 
  • 47% of people considered moving home due to ASB. 

Government really needs to focus on these issues. Is it time for a charter or code for victims of ASB?

 The report can be downloaded here.

Addressing this challenge is a national priority. ASB is not low-level crime, it devastates the lives of victims and communities. People deserve to feel safe where they live.


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