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Reinvigorating Commonhold

I was really interested to read about the formation of a new Commonhold Council by the Government as part of its' strategy to reinvigorate the commonhold form of tenure.

Full details about the Council including its members are available here, but essentially it comprises various experts from the legal, finance, property and leasehold fields together with a technical support group to give practical feedback to the Government about the implementation of their plan. To me, this seems a really sensible step in the process to ensure that:

(i) practical issues are considered early on, recognising that commonhold has never really 'taken off' in England and Wales; and

(ii) there is combined thinking from all interested sectors/parties.

I'm intrigued to see how this approach impacts upon the Government's proposals as part of its wider leasehold reform objectives.

Expert group to help homeowners gain more control over their homes


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