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Possession notices - all change again!

From 1 June 2021 all the notice periods for possession notices (both section 21 notices for assured shortholds and NSPs for secure and assured tenancies) will change again. They are not going back to 'normal' just yet in all cases, but the notice periods are reducing e.g. for s21 notices going down from 6 months to 4. We anticipate new template notices too...  

Also of note is the Government promising its long-awaited legislation in the Autumn to fulfil their manifesto promise to abolish s21 notices. 

My colleague Baljit Basra sets out more details in her ebriefing below.

As we are drawing closer to the end of the eviction ban, the Housing Minister announced on 12 May 2021 that notice periods for most tenants will be reduced to 4 months, as opposed to the previously extended 6 months, from 1 June 2021 and the current ban on evictions will end on 31 May 2021. There is also reference to a White Paper being published in August which will set out proposals for the abolition of Section 21 'No-Fault Evictions' to give greater security and a new 'lifetime deposit'. We will keep you posted on more details as and when they emerge. Courts will still continue to give priority to the most serious possession cases i.e. those based on fraud and/or anti-social behaviour and therefore, notice periods for anti-social behaviour, fraud and domestic violence will remain. The shorter notice periods unaffected are as follows: Anti-social behaviour (immediate to 4 weeks’ notice) Domestic abuse (social tenancies) (2 to 4 weeks’ notice) False statement/fraud (2 to 4 weeks’ notice) 4 months or more accumulated rent arrears (4 weeks’ notice) Breach of the immigration rules, '...


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