Great to hear a wide variety of panellists speaking at the joint Healthy Homes and Buildings APPG and TCPA event today, 'Time for a Healthy Homes Revolution: How the North West of England can lead the way'. 

Andrew Gwynne MP quoted something Andy Burnham frequently quotes; "Nye Bevan wasn’t just a Minister of Health he was the Minister of Health and Housing". The healthy homes revolution at its heart seems to me to be about just that. Covid-19 has shown just how important a healthy home is. As Head of Anthony Collins Solicitors Manchester office and a member of GH4GM, I can see our social housing clients are already exploring how retrofitting can help (through the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator) and multiple special and modular projects. And on the new build side, Paul Dennett raised a good point “If we are to get serious about net-zero Homes England need to get serious”.