Anthony Collins Solicitors operates with a clear social purpose – improving lives, communities and society.

Many of the charitable organisations we work with share these ethical values and operate in a similar way. Some take this a step further and publish reports evidencing how their work is having a positive social impact.

As a purpose-led legal firm, we believe profit-making businesses should do the same, by measuring and reporting on their own social impact.

That is why Anthony Collins Solicitors has committed to publishing an annual report on the social impact of its work across sectors such as housing, local government, charities, health and social care, as well as more widely in our work with private individuals and across the firm’s operations.

Publishing a social impact report enables us to highlight how our legal services help clients to achieve their own purpose which, in turn, is key to helping us pursue ours.

For example, within the social housing sector during 2020, Anthony Collins Solicitors helped charitable housing providers raise £1.4 billion. These funding projects will help build 7,000 new affordable homes – providing up to 21,000 people with a safe place to call home.

In the charities sector, we helped to register 63 new charities in 2020. Our private legal services team has also supported 384 vulnerable children by finding them better living arrangements.

The impact of this work can be felt far and wide, helping reduce homelessness, creating new charitable endeavours, protecting vulnerable children and easing the pressure on local authority services.

However, these stats only cover a small part of Anthony Collins Solicitors’ social impact.

The firm’s latest report, which will be our third so far, is due to be launched later this week. In it, we investigate the firm’s social impact during 2020, with insight from client partners on the importance of our team’s expert support, including during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By publishing our latest report, we continue to highlight the power of working with a clear purpose in improving lives, communities and society. With 2019 research showing that having a clear purpose is one of the most significant drivers to more growth and improving value, we urge other profit-making companies to do the same.

Our 2020 social impact report will be launched later this week. Please do take a read.