Inside Housing reported on 16 December 2020 that nineteen leading organisations including Generation Rent and the GLA have joined forces to form the Renters Reform Coalition. They are calling on the Government to abolish s21 notices  a year after this was promised in the Government's election manifesto.

The plans the Government consulted on before the election were to not only abolish s21 notices but also the whole assured shorthold tenancy regime. This would appear to apply to both the private and social rented sectors. Alongside that there were plans to amend the grounds for possession to cover the majority of reasons why landlords would want to end a tenancy such as sale of the home.  Tricky questions would remain for social landlords letting short life properties for example.  

The Government was pushed to introduce a Renters Reform Bill whilst the possession stay and eviction ban were in force over the summer but they said they would wait until the coronavirus crisis was over first. Perhaps that will now move up the agenda in view of the renewed pressure from this Coalition?