Delayed since Spring 2020 as the Government tackled the Covid-19 crisis, Tuesday 17 November saw the publication of the Social Housing White Paper, setting out the future regulation of the social housing sector.

The SHWP will have fundamental implications for how housing associations are governed. We will see the tenant voice at the heart of the organisations and whilst this will almost certainly mean the return of "tenant board members" (as opposed to "board members who are tenants"), it is clear that this of itself will not suffice. Genuine and systematic embedding of the customer experience will be a far more involved project.

Our ebriefing sets out the key proposals and issues that social housing providers will need to consider from a governance perspective together with some thoughts from my colleagues Catherine Simpson, a housing governance expert and Sarah Patrice, a leading voice in the housing sector when it comes to tenant engagement and empowerment.

To see our full ebriefing setting out additional perspectives across regulatory, construction, housing management and other areas. please see our full ebriefing here.