When the Government asks “Are faith groups, places of worship and people of faith a force for good in society?”, you know you have an opinion and you need to let them know. Given the fantastic work that faith groups have been doing throughout the pandemic (and can I say, for hundreds of years) often without anyone other than the recipient knowing, it is time to shout about it and let the Government know!

Colin Bloom has been appointed as the Faith Engagement Adviser to lead this review into how best the Government should engage with faith groups in England.

He will make recommendations to the Communities Secretary about how the Government can best celebrate and support the contribution of faith groups, break down barriers and promote acceptance between faiths and promote shared values while tackling cultures and practices that are harmful. 

Note those last words "while tackling cultures and practices that are harmful". If you are part of a faith group and want to ensure that the Government knows you are inclusive, exist to care and love those of faith or no faith and that you definitely are not "harmful" - then it is time to reply to this consultation.

The review is based around four main sections:

  • Are faith groups, places of worship and people of faith a force for good in society?
  • Exploring the extent to which the Government and its agencies have sufficient faith literacy and considers the partnership between faith groups and the State
  • Looking at some aspects where harm might be caused through religious or faith-based practices and a review of the Government’s role in tackling them
  • A set of recommendations for the Government to consider and respond to.

Come on people of faith, it is time to have your say!