Every year, we throw ourselves in to GloWeek at Anthony Collins Solicitors. We try to raise awareness and do a bit of fundraising for the Child Brain Injury Trust for many reasons.

1. The charity are brilliant and deserve all the support we and anyone else can offer.

2. The Be Seen and Not Hurt message is so important. We see the devastation caused by road traffic collisions all of the time and if one less injury can happen as a result of the campaign, it is worth throwing our weight behind.

3. There are normally samosas involved. We (perhaps disproportionately) love samosas.

4. There is often neon clothing involved. We (perhaps disproportionately) love neon.

The personal injury team and special guests normally try and feed the firm to within an inch of their lives, cake sales, indian feasts, all very reasonably priced with proceeds to the charity. 

In 2020 we could not do this, so we got creative. We decided we would try and get some sponsorship/donations for us travelling to see our clients, some on foot, some by bicycle. We chose current and former clients, who had suffered brain injuries, to share the day with and in a socially distanced way, we managed to have a really great catch up with so many of them. 

It was such a beacon of light in very dreary times, and we managed to sneak it in just before the second national lockdown was announced. 

Perhaps most importantly, in a year where the charity's income has been so drastically impacted and normal fundraising activities have been largely impossible, we managed to raise over £2,500 which we know will be used to support people who really need it.

So we wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated and supported us. Your reward? A collage of our neon, covid safe, reunions with clients.