There has always been a tension when faith-based charities step up and speak out at times of crisis. The response from others can so often be that their views are biased, bigoted, inward-looking, non-inclusive etc. And yet that is so often far from the truth. At the heart of faith-based charities can be the recognition that they exist not for themselves but for those of any/no faith. In the context of Christian based charities, you only have to think of Luke 6 v27 "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you" and Mark 12 v31 "Love your neighbour as yourself". 

Rarely a day passes when people do not talk about food banks but foodbanks are a project of the Trussell Trust which is just one example of a charity inspired by faith. The same is true of CAP and its work with those in crippling debt.

Charities inspired by faith can be just as impactful, inclusive and life changing as non-faith based charities (sometimes more so!) and in some cases, such as places of worship, can so often be there for the long term for the communities they are in, when other initiatives come and go.