The Government has updated its guidance (6 November) for places of worship to reflect #lockdown2 in England. There are no surprises: acts of worship can be live streamed provided that only those essential to the live streaming are present (speakers, a worship leader, techies); activities such as home groups, madrassahs, Sunday school/junior church etc. cannot take place in person (but can of course continue online) but essential voluntary and public services can continue e.g. running food banks, support for the homeless or vulnerable people, support in an emergency etc.

But don't forget that whenever a place of worship is open or its employees and volunteers providing a service, it must do so in the safest way possible and following all of the Government guidance as to risk assessment, cleaning, social distancing etc. As people of faith we want to demonstrate our faith and love for others by protecting them in the best way possible as we also care for them.