This week's distressing death figures reveal substantial increases in the death rate and the rate specifically linked to Covid-19 infections has paved the way for lockdown#2.

Every death is a tragedy - for the family and friends left behind, for the hole that person leaves in lives and for the unique person now gone.

Alongside the loss faced by those who have lost loved ones - whether from Covid-19 or any other reason - a death also generally brings with it a long 'job list' for those left behind. From the immediate need to arrange a funeral and notify insurers about a change of occupancy of any property, to the need to notify institutions such as banks and utility providers, to consider whether inheritance tax is payable and to apply for a grant of probate.

At what is already a difficult time, with raw emotion and grief, the thought of having to deal with the administration of an estate could be one thing too much to cope with. It might therefore be some small comfort for those who find themselves in this position to know that support in dealing with the practicalities of someone's estate is available through probate and estate administration support provided by lawyers - whether or not the formal legal 'grant of probate' is needed to deal with the assets and liabilities of an estate or not, experienced support can free family and friends up to concentrating on themselves and their own needs and personal position at this difficult time, safe in the knowledge that 'the paperwork' can be dealt with on their behalf.

If you or your clients need assistance in reviewing whether a grant of probate is needed or support in dealing with the 'paperwork' matters following the death of a loved one, the Private Client Team at Anthony Collins Solicitors are on hand to advise you about your options and the resources and support available to you.