Last weekend, as we welcomed another three great women into the partnership at Anthony Collins Solicitors, I listened to The Diary of a CEO podcast with Karren Brady. And it made an excellent listen.

My New Year's resolution was to listen to an informative podcast a week. I picked this one because I was intrigued to hear what Karren had to say. Having grown up with football and a Midlands girl I've been aware of her from a fairly young age, and then in more recent years having seen her on The Apprentice. But I've never really heard her speak or be interviewed: turns out she doesn't give interviews very often.

She spoke so much sense and I've found myself really reflecting on what she said about leadership over the course of this week. The things that resonated me most were:

  • The importance of knowing your values and what matters to you personally. Integrity is key to her, and I couldn't agree more.
  • The power of listening to all.
  • Always being kind, even when taking difficult decisions.

Although none of these are revolutionary, it's always useful to hear examples of how these principles have being put into practice and see how they can be translated into any leadership role (recognising most people aren't running a football club at 23!). I highly recommend it as a listen.

And if you have any podcast recommendations, please do pass them on!