The Government have now confirmed they will not publish their White Paper on plans to abolish s21 notices and "no fault" evictions until 2022, Inside Housing reports today.  Earlier this year the legislation was promised in "the Autumn" of 2021. 

Those with long memories will recall this was first proposed in 2019 and a detailed consultation took place in 2019 setting out plans to amend and add to the existing grounds for possession in place of s21 notices. For example, the mandatory rent arrears ground was to become flexible so that if arrears dropped below a certain threshold by the date of the hearing the ground could still be relied upon but as a discretionary ground.   There was also a new ground proposed for where a landlord wishes to sell the property if they gave prior notice at the start of the tenancy. 

The plans then became one of the Conservative manifesto promises for the December 2019 election but the coronavirus pandemic delayed progress. 

The proposals will have a huge impact on both the private rented sector and social housing sector (no more starter tenancies?  what tenure is to be used for short term accommodation?) if introduced in the form consulted on in 2019 so it is, no doubt, not legislation to be rushed through.

Watch this space next year!