One of the requirements of granting an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) in England is that the tenant is issued with a copy of the Government's How to rent guide. 

Last week, the Government published an "easy read" version available here. This version can be issued alongside the full guidance to provide assistance for those that may need it, to understand the key elements of the Government guidance. Like many easy read tenancies, it sets out the position in short statements and uses pictures. This will be a really useful tool for those providing supported housing where ASTs are granted to help set out expectations to residents about their rights and obligations.

Note: there are a number of exceptions where a landlord does not have to issue the How to rent guidance. This includes where the landlord is a private registered provider of social housing. However, some registered providers may find the new document (or at least parts of it) a helpful tool when explaining tenancy agreements to residents.