In Living Wage week, the emerging evidence is that the impact of lockdown and the pandemic will be felt most by the disadvantaged in society, creating more inequality. That is why it is so important that purpose-led businesses should be Living Wage employers. 

Anthony Collins Solicitors (ACS) is one of the many supporters for Birmingham and Manchester becoming Living Wage cities and we agree we have a responsibility to make this happen. ACS adopted Living Wage employer status some time ago but this continues to be a key factor for our business decisions. Not only did it play a part in our Covid-19 response by guaranteeing all our staff a Living Wage but, as required by our status, we are actively encouraging all our suppliers and contractors to adopt the Living Wage.

The ONS recently reported that the lowest paid 5% of the population have been most adversely affected by the pandemic with a 16% drop in their hourly pay - it is an 8% drop for the lowest paid 10%. Whilst there will always be individuals who suffer across the country, the ONS reported that, statistically, the remaining 90% have experienced no such drops in hourly pay. 

When all the evidence points to the poorest being most affected by the pandemic and lockdown, we all need to look at what we can do - and supporting the Living Wage is an achievable goal we should all support.