This morning's headline in the Guardian is a blunt reminder that for some Lockdown 2 is a very real threat to their personal safety and well-being. As the report highlights, Lockdown 1 led to an increase in calls to specialist helplines and an increase in deaths arising from domestic abuse.

We work with lots of housing associations and specialist support providers who provide emergency accommodation for individuals and support for individuals who need to escape an abusive home. They also work with the individuals to find a long-term plan to help them break what can sometimes be a cycle of abuse.

The Domestic Abuse Bill which is currently working its way through Parliament is a vital opportunity to ensure a long-term strategy and to address this important issue in various ways, including justice and protection for individuals giving evidence. Let's hope Parliament maximises this opportunity and listens to the calls from support providers to strengthen and widen the provisions within the Bill.

And if you are reading this and suffering in silence, please do speak to someone: there are organisations and people that can help you.